Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clock of Time

Very timely srticle for the start of 2012. All the best this year.Jared

Clock of Time
By Napoleon Hill
The hands of the Clock of Time are moving swiftly onward! We cry out, "Backward, turn backward O Time in your flight," but Time does not heed your cries.
It is later than you think!

Arouse yourself, fellow wayfarer; awake and take possession of your own mind while you still have enough Time to become, during the yet unexpired future, that which you would have liked to have been in the past.
Make the most of your present allotment of Time, with the hope that you will not have to reincarnate in order to do the job all over again because of neglect.
You have been warned!

Now the responsibility is YOURS. There is a simple test by which you may judge whether or not you have been using your Time to best advantage. If you have attained peace of mind and material opulence sufficient for your needs, your Time has been properly used. If you have not attained these blessings, your Time has not been properly used, and you should begin now to search for the circumstances in connection with which you have fallen short.

The truly great people have no such reality as "idle time," because they keep their minds geared eternally to patterns of constructive thought. By this profound use of their Time, they develop an alert sixth sense through which they look, listen, and see from within.
If negative thoughts stray into the minds of the truly great, these thoughts are immediately transmuted into positive thoughts and exercised by positive physical action appropriate to their nature.
Tick, tick, tick - the pendulum of the Clock of Time is swinging rapidly!
The entire face of civilization is undergoing an uplifting operation.
Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong are engaged in mortal combat for supremacy. The Time has come for everyone to stand up and be counted. The use each of us makes of his individual allotment of Time will tell whose side each of us is on - Mr. Right's or Mr. Wrong's.

Something has speeded up the Clock of Time so rapidly that the last half of the twentieth century will reveal to mankind more individual opportunities for self-improvement that have been revealed during the entire past of man's existence.
Your share of these vast OPPORTUNITIES may be embraced and used only by the way you relate yourself to TIME!
Source: You Can Work Your Own Miracles. Fawcett Columbine Book. 1971.

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