Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Revive Your Real Estate Leads

Here is a great script from my coach Joe Stumpf. Hope you have great success with it!

How To Revive Your Dead Real Estate Leads And Get Appointments NOW
Dec 27, 2011

Here's an interesting statistic:

50% of all real estate leads are never followed up with.

That means people are asking for things and they never hear back from anyone.

How about you? Are you generating real estate leads from your website and/or expensive print ads, but then following up gets pushed down your to-do list because of your crazy schedule, and then further down, and further down, until those leads end up languishing under a stack of paperwork?

Then the stack gets moved from your desk…to a chair…and then maybe filed on the floor.

By the time you get around to resurrecting the leads they've gone way cold. No point in contacting any of them now, right?

Wrong. Turn those old leads into gold…here’s how.

I spoke to Diane Cardano, a Realtor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about just such a problem with her old leads. She and her team of six buyer specialists are great at generating leads, and consistent about following up with their email drip campaign. Unfortunately, this tried-and-true strategy that had worked well in the past wasn't working so well anymore. As Diane put it, "Things were really slowing down. We had all these leads, but nobody was committing to come into the office."

Lots of leads – wanted appointments right NOW.

I gave Diane an easy follow-up strategy that we've tested and proven to work regardless of whether the lead is cold or fairly recent.

I call it the "Nine-Word Email."

Here it is:

Email subject line: Lead's First Name

Email message: Are you still looking for a home in ___________?

So your email might look like this:

Subject: Richard

Are you still looking for a house in Shadow Ridge?

That's it – nine words. (Ok 10)

Diane and her team got the city or area from the information their leads had put in their search parameters. Then they started sending the emails, and in just two weeks this strategy brought them five new ready-to-act buyers. Plus, they heard from additional people who said they'd be looking again a few months down the road, and to please keep in touch with them.

Now, it's OK if you're skeptical – Diane was, too. When she called me to share her results, she confessed that she'd thought, "Of course this can't work – it's way too easy."

Diane also 'fessed up that putting just the lead's first name in the subject line was contrary to everything she believed an email should be; that is, putting your whole life story in the subject line and then your whole life story again in the email. Simple and effective.

That's that tried-and-true strategy I mentioned earlier.

So, here it is again: The formula that brought Diane and her team five buyers in just two weeks:

Email subject line: Lead's First Name

Email message: Are you still looking for a home in ___________?

That's it – nine words.

Include your contact information, of course.

And of course, don't send your emails unless you're committed to following through and ready to meet prospective buyers now, and add future buyers to your pipeline.

Don’t let anymore commissions slip through your fingers, OK?

Drop me a comment on Facebook when you revive some of your old leads.

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