Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where is Canada Mortgage Market Going?

We have seen numerous articles written about the health/state of the Canadian mortgage market.Some bad, some good. Having been in the market for 19 years and seen a lot of changes. There is really only one answer, Constant Change. The mortgage market in Canada always changes. The lenders change the rules, government steps in and changes rules. Lenders you work with decide one day they are no longer going to lend in Canada. Banks decide to get out of the broker origination business. New companies spring up, old ones fade away. All the while, mortgage rates are going up and down. The Canadian consumer needs to know the value of using an independent, full time, mortgage professional. This way the client can make the choice on how the mortgage market is doing. One payment at a time. Work at doing the best for your client, referral partners and embrace change. Doing this will ensure that you will say the mortgage market is healthy and doing well.

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