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What Is Your Selling Approach?

What is Your Selling Approach?

CMHC Second Quarter Housing Market Outlook for Canada

CMHC Second Quarter Housing Market Outlook for BC

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What is your approach to Selling?

The old way? The new way?

The time for systems of selling has passed.

The time for sales manipulation has passed.

The time for “closing the sale” has way passed.

Many, if not most, salespeople (not you of course) walk into a sale with product knowledge, a few questions, a sales pitch, and hope.
It’s time for you to create an approach that works and WOWs - an approach based on value and differentiation, an approach that’s personalized and customized.

Below is a check list of strategies from an excellent sales coach Jeffrey Gitomer the author of The Little Red Book of Selling.

See how many of these approaches you use:

I have done my homework about the company.

I have done my homework on the person I’m meeting with.

I’m prepared with questions of engagement about them.

I’m prepared with ideas in their favour.

I’m more relaxed than formal.

I’m confident, not arrogant.

I’m more friendly than professional.

My business card rocks. People comment when they get it.

I give customized materials, not brochures.

I don’t start until I have established rapport AND found common ground.

I walk into the meeting with ideas, and questions, not a pitch.

I don’t talk about what “we do.” I talk about how they win.

I ask for and get their Santa Claus list (what they’re hoping to achieve).

I discover my customer’s reasons and motives for buying.

I answer with questions, not just statements.

I dare to inject humour. Often. Not jokes, humour.

If I use slides, they’re fun, they’re customized for the prospect,
and they’re not canned.

I often clarify a statement with a question before I answer.

I discuss money openly.

I listen with the intent to understand, and then respond.

I take notes to make certain I remember what was said and what was promised, and to show respect.

I use testimonials to prove points and create a buying atmosphere.

I am patient. I have all the time in the world for the client.

I don’t leave without asking for the sale or formalizing the next step.

Some new projects for today's market.

THE HARD WORK: Build a solid internet presence.
THE HARD WORK: Build a social media presence.
THE HARD WORK: Acquire video testimonials.

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Dreyer Group Smiles is a program dedicated to giving to facilities that provide safe and transitional housing to children and youth in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. By providing funds to these programs, Dreyer Group will make a meaningful difference to kids who otherwise may not have a roof over their heads, or hope for a bright future.
Dreyer Group hopes to expand this effort through their clients and business partners. In addition, they plan to raise additional funds through annual events and corporate fundraising initiatives. Dreyer Group is working closely with the Salvation Army to allocate these funds to the children and shelters.

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Jared has built his business based on a passion and commitment for delivering exceptional client service. He has provided superior financing solutions to thousands of happy clients over the past 18 years.

As a Government Relations Committee Member of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP), Board Member and Director of the Mortgage Broker Association of BC (MBABC) for the past 2 years, Chairing the Education and Public Relations Committee, Board Member of the VERICO National Advisory Council and Director of the Mortgage Brokers Institute of BC (MBIBC), Jared works diligently to accomplish positive change within the mortgage industry.

Jared also sits on the Board of the White Rock South Surrey Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

A strong believer in community, Jared has been very active in setting up business partnership programs for local business as well as giving initiatives to children’s’ charities locally and throughout the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver.

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