Friday, November 5, 2010

Is It Time For A Canadian Mortgage?

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Hello Everyone!

It's Friday afternoon and everything is well in the mortgage market.... Rates are historically low - 5 Year Fixed 3.34% for mortgages over $500K and 3.44% for mortgages under $500K. The 3 Year variable is also very attractive at 2.20% (prime -80!) It's a good day to buy a home!

If you know of anyone who is in a mortgage over 4.30%, please give them our number, we saved a client $25,000 on their mortgage after paying out their $16,000 penalty! It's a good day to re-shop a mortgage!

Other than that, here is a link to a great economic report by Dr. Sherry Cooper, Chief Economist BMO Financial Group. There is a good article "Canadian housing Pricey, Not Dicey". Link here

And no, that is not a picture of my grandpa... it's famed author Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, The Laws of Success and Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. For some weekend reading, I have included below a great excerpt out of his book the Science of Success.
Give to Receive
by Napoleon Hill
Things you give to others, through expression, are the only things you are able to retain, remember, or keep for yourself. Any gems of thought or wisdom which you are anxious to remember, you must repeatedly give to others, or they will elude your grasp at the critical moment. Here is a simple way to test the truth of what has been said.

Listen to a good story someone tells you, one worth remembering, one you would like to tell others. Do you know that if you do not tell it to someone right away you will forget it yourself? And do you know that if you do tell it, not only to one person, but to many persons, you will never forget it?

You have heard of the saying, It's better to give than to receive. Here is one place where this is literally and particularly true, because in order to retain the understanding of this or any other subject you are studying, you must give it away to someone else. That is, share it, explain it, pass it along to another person. If you try to hoard it to yourself, you will forget some of the subtle points which may be important at a certain place in your career.

Share these principles with others, not the details of your purpose or plan. These details you are cautioned to share only with the greatest discretion and to keep strictly to yourself at certain times.

Giving is a form of expression and giving is living. Let us read a story which perfectly illustrates this point. The story has been adapted from a book by Bruce Barton.

There are two seas in Palestine. One, the Sea of Galilee, is fresh and fish live in it. Trees spread their branches over it and stretch out their thirsty roots to sip of its nourishing water. Christ loved this spot. He looked out across its silver surface when He spoke. And on a rolling plain not far away, He fed 5,000 on loaves and fish from this very sea. The river Jordan fills this sea with sparkling water from the hills and then flows on south into another sea. Here is no splash of fish, no fluttering leaf, no song of bird, no children's laughter. Travelers choose another route unless they are on urgent business. The air hangs heavy above its waters, and neither man nor beast nor fowl will drink of them.
What makes this mighty difference in these neighboring seas? Not the river Jordan. It empties the same good water into both. Not the soil on which they lie; nor the country about. No, none of these; but there is a difference. The Sea of Galilee receives, but does not keep the Jordan. For every drop that flows into it, another drop flows out. The giving and receiving are in equal measure. The other sea is selfish, hoarding its income jealously. Every drop it gets, it keeps. The Sea of Galilee gives and lives. The Dead Sea gives nothing. It is indeed dead. There are two kinds of people in this world – just as there are two seas in Palestine.

In this business of becoming successful, you will find you will need both hands. One hand will be stretched upward, to receive the blessing of Infinite Intelligence, with the other extended down and outward, sharing and giving to others who are helping you in the climb. No one ever achieved outstanding success without the cooperation of others; and you realize, of course, that you must give something in return for this cooperation.

To Your Continued Success...
Jared Dreyer, AMP
604 649-5991
Remember to put your clocks back on Sunday!

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• Our service is free in 99% of the cases. We get paid by the lender we place the mortgage with based on the size not the rate – so getting the best rate and mortgage for our clients is top priority.

• Unlike bank reps, we shop mortgages to many of the trusted lenders, banks and credit unions you are familiar with. Over 50 in total across Canada. Plus we have access to specialty mortgage products that are only available through the mortgage broker channel.
• And, we will continue to shop the mortgage rate up until 10 days of the mortgage. If rates go down, our clients win.

• We have numerous mortgage strategies to ensure our clients are making the best financing decision – such as the Inflation Hedge Strategy.

• Our company is part of the South Surrey Chamber of Commerce, Vancouver Board of Trade, Mortgage Brokers Association of BC and Canadian Association of Mortgage Professionals.

• Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients and partners based on solid advice, trust and exceptional service. We take care of our clients long after your mortgage funds.

• Too, we are committed to the community and you will be happy to know that a portion of every mortgage we fund goes directly to children’s shelters in the Lower Mainland. In addition, we are large supporters of local businesses and our extensive referral program enables us to send clients and partners to this network to help them build their businesses.

• And referrals really are how we do our business. By providing our clients and referral partners with the best service, advice and mortgage products, we hope in turn we will continue to be referable. This will help us to continue to have large volumes to source the best mortgages at the lowest rates. And… we will reward you for sending us a referral.

Have a great rest of the week.
Your Mortgage Professional,
Jared Dreyer
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I wanted to connect with you today regarding purchasing Christmas cards for your company. Bulembu, one of the programs Dreyer Group supports is working with the folks at Giving-Matters to offer unique Bulembu cards that can be personalized for your business while sharing the Bulembu story with those who would receive them. With every purchase Giving-Matters also donates a portion of your order back to Bulembu. If you do purchase cards at Christmas, this is a simple way to make your Christmas shopping easier while supporting Bulembu.
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