Friday, March 6, 2015

Mortgage Rules are Changing

Mortgage rules have drastically changed in the last few years meaning if someone qualified a few years ago they may have a hard time qualifying now under the new regulations.
For the self-employed, approvals have become increasing more challenging requiring additional documentation and guidelines. That being said, there are broker only lenders that do have custom products for the owner/professional.

Prime Rate is now sitting at 2.85%, with Prime -.65% variable rates as low as 2.15%. However while very attractive, variable rates are not for everyone.

Fixed Rates are now under 3% and have dropped as low as 2.69% on a 5 year however watch very closely what the restrictions are for the penalty to pay off the mortgage, to refinance, pre-payment and frequency privileges as the deep discounted rates have terms and conditions that are not always favorable depending on your objectives.


pranjali upadhyay said...

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Michel Son said...

Yes you are absolutely right.Mortgage rules are drastically changed.There are some new rules ,techniques are used.Your thinking and updating market is so nice.Thanks for sharing.

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If there ever was a time when home loans were easy to qualify for, it must not have lasted long. These days, it feels like it is getting harder and harder to receive a home loan. This does not mean it is impossible to get a loan but the bank requires a lot of information from the borrower lately.

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