Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Market Update

In recent months we witnessed fixed mortgage rates dip to below 3% with most lenders throughout Canada. We continue to sit at the lowest interest rate environment in history. Dreyer Group has access to further discounted rates only available to our team or through lenders that exclusively deal directly with the mortgage broker channel. 
Lower rates were driven down primarily by: unemployment both in Canada and the US, uncertainty in European economy, and ongoing world economic instability. There are no indicators these factors will change anytime soon, so there is a strong likely hood we will continue to see a lower interest rate environment for the next 6-18 month with gradual, incremental increases to 3.5% - 4%
Call our office now to get one of our mortgage specialists to take a quick look at your risk tolerance when choosing between a fixed vs. variable rate mortgage. Dreyer Group is here to help you make the best, informed choice when it comes to managing your mortgage.
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