Friday, November 15, 2013

Great New Products and Rates Offered

Great New Products and Rates Offered Through Dreyer Group Good Afternoon, I wanted to give you a heads up that two competitive mortgage products are now offered at premium rates through Dreyer Group. The new 5 year fixed mortgage rate product is 3.39%! In addition, the 5 Year Variable Rate product is offered at Prime -.50% or 2.50% This Applies to New Home Purchases, Refinances and Mortgage Renewals. What to do now ? FIXED RATE MORTGAGE PRODUCT OFFERS SECURITY If you or anyone you know is in a fixed rate mortgage with an interest rate above 3.39%, we should do a quick check to see if paying the mortgage penalty and securing the new lower 5-year rate makes sense. If you or anyone you know is thinking of purchasing a home, we should complete an application now to hold the rate. VARIABLE RATE MORTGAGE PRODUCTS ALLOWS YOU TO SECURE THE LOWEST PAYMENTS If you or anyone you know is in a variable rate mortgage, even Prime Minus rates, now is an opportune time to have the mortgage reviewed. Our office can do a quick analysis to see what strategy makes the best sense. * Hold this new rate for you for up to 120 days. Call our office now or complete our 30-second mortgage app to get us started. Surrey Mortgage Office 604 536-3802 Vancouver Mortgage Office 604 669-6006 Canada Mortgage 1-800-687-9020 Warm Regards, Jared Dreyer - Dreyer Group Mortgage Team Your Mortgage Professionals Direct 604 649-5991 OAC. Rates Subject to change. ________________________________________ About Dreyer Group Smiles Dreyer Group Smiles is a program dedicated to giving to facilities that provide safe and transitional housing to children and youth. By providing funds to these programs, Dreyer Group will make a meaningful difference to kids who otherwise may not have a roof over their heads, or hope for a bright future. Dreyer Group hopes to expand this effort through their clients and business partners. In addition, they plan to raise additional funds through annual events and corporate fundraising initiatives. Dreyer Group is working closely with the Salvation Army to allocate these funds to the children and shelters. About Dreyer Group Mortgages, A Member of the VERICO Brokers Network As a senior mortgage consulting team with extensive experience in the financial services industry and thousands of happy clients, we understand what it takes to build long-term relationships through service and expertise. As an independent brokerage, we are not restricted to one financial institutions mortgage options. We provide the best range of financing solutions by accessing over 40 lenders and hundreds of products coast-to-coast. Each VERICO member is an independently owned and operated business. Copyright © 2008 A rally in British Columbia's housing market is expected to extend through 2014 as the provincial economy gathers steam. Sales on the Multiple Listing Service are on pace to reach 71,700 units in 2013, up 6 per cent from last year’s sluggish showing, says the B.C. Real Estate Association. With consumers concerned about the prospect of higher interest rates over the next year, many British Columbians are locking in mortgage preapprovals and shopping for homes, said Cameron Muir, the association’s chief economist. In July, 2012, the federal government reduced the maximum period for a government-insured mortgage to 25 years from 30 years, resulting in a dampening effect on house sales. Last year, there were 67,637 sales across British Columbia of single-family detached homes, condos and townhouses, or a decline of 11.8 per cent from 2011. The average residential price for a B.C. resale property this year is now forecast to climb 4.3 per cent to $537,100. A year ago, the association originally predicted a 0.7-per-cent price increase for 2013, though it subsequently revised its estimate to a 3.3-per-cent hike as the province’s housing industry healed from a rough 2012. Mr. Muir forecasts that B.C. housing sales in 2014 will climb a further 6.3 per cent to 76,200 units while prices rise 2.1 per cent to $548,200. A stronger provincial economy is taking shape, including increased production of B.C. lumber due to a rebound in the U.S. housing market. Exports generally are in line to benefit next year from improved economies globally, especially in the United States and Japan. The 15-year average for B.C. housing sales volume is above 79,000 annually, while the five-year average is 74,600. “We’re seeing a sales recovery back to long-term averages,” Mr. Muir said. Globe & Mail Learn More About Our Award Apply Now in 30 Seconds Like Us on Facebook

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