Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Canada Mortgage Changes;Stay Calm

Well it has been a very busy month for anyone in the mortgage world. We are now two weeks into the new rule changes and lenders, brokers, realtor's, clients are still working out what they can do! In this time of confusion and a little fear, you need to remain calm. More then ever mortgage professionals will be needed. This is the time when leadership takes over and shines like a beacon to everyone.

As a mortgage professional that works full time, you need to keep up to date with all your lender partners, insurers and referral partners daily. Make sure you position yourself as the source to get the information and how to make help all the people involved.

These changes are going to have an effect on the amount of mortgage being done. There will still be mortgages, house sales being done everyday. People will adjust and keep moving forward. It is your job to help as many of those people as possible. Stay current, reinvest in yourself on a daily basis and take your time with your clients.

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