Friday, May 11, 2012

The Power Of Thought

The Power of Thought by Napoleon Hill Man is the only creature on earth with the power of self-determination, the right to choose what his thoughts and actions will be. Animals of a lower order are governed by six inherent habits and instincts and do not possess the power to understand situations, except in the simplest acts of existence such as detecting the presence of food by its smell, or finding a way out of a maze by bumping their heads against a wall until an opening is found. The distinguishing characteristic of the human species is its ability to think. Man possesses one thing over which he has the inherent, absolute right of control, and that is his mental attitude. The very idea of man's having absolute control over his thoughts is tremendous. It shows unmistakably a close relationship between the mind of man and Infinite Intelligence. The implications of this simple statement of fact are awe-inspiring. Management of the mind is the key to both the power of our own subconscious mind, and the power of Infinite Intelligence. In the final analysis it means that any plan or purpose which man can conceive in his conscious mind, he can fulfill, either to his benefit, edification, improvement and joy, or to his misery, degradation and ultimate destruction. Source: PMA Science of Success Educational Edition. Pg. 31.

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