Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TD Economic Forecast Highlights

I recently was able to the top TD economist speak and he had some interesting facts and trends. With all economic forecasts, they are forecasts and can be wrong or right on the money. Wish everything could be like that and you are still considered an expert.

Here are some highlights;
-Greece is insolvent and Europe is a slow moving train wreck
- what matters most to people is jobs
-13 month supply of housing in the US when included foreclosures
-housing in the US is down 30% more then the great depression
-2012 prices to fall another 5% in the US
-TD has more branches in the US then in Canada
-Cdn dollar at par or higher for the next 2-3 years
-oil prices are the real risk
-Cdn missing ingredient is confidence
-Flat conditions in the CDN real estate as CDN consumer debt is topped out
-Cdn rates to remain low till 2nd quarter of 2013.

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