Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Gifts From Celeb's

It's Valentines Day tomorrow... no Pressure!

Here are some ideas from Hollywood Celeb's for your special someone:

Katy Perry gave Russell Brand a lilac-coloured Bentley Brookland for Valentines Day 2011. Wonder how they're going to split that up? oh, ok, I'll take it to avoid another argument!

J-Z gave Boyonce a platinum and diamond studded cell phone

Financial Advisor to the celebrities Jim Trippon suggests these three gift ideas which are sure to say "I love You"

1. Island in Angra - Buy this unspoiled private island just off the coast of Rio and enjoy both the nightlife nearby and your own secluded getaway for a cool $5.8 million.

2. Tiffany Legacy® Ring - This custom-shaped 6.24k platinum ring sells for an eye-popping $710,000.

3. Clive Christian imperial majesty perfume - For $251,000 you don't just get pure perfume in a handcrafted Baccarat crystal bottle that features a solid gold neck and 5 carat diamond. You get it personally delivered to your home by a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce!

Now back to reality, mortgage rates and the economy.... much more romantic.

Canadian Housing Market CMHC Predicts Housing Markets to Remain Steady
While many in financial circles continue to call for a correction to Canada’s housing market, the crown corporation which insures mortgages is predicting two more years of calm.
In its first quarter Housing Market Survey, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation expects Canadian markets would “remain steady in 2012 and 2013.
This is a rosier picture than the one painted by Canadian banks, who have recently issued reports probing the consequences of cheap money, and trying to predict whether there is a bubble in prices that will eventually pop and cause prices to crash. They are particularly concerned about Vancouver and Toronto, where some have predicted price corrections of up to 10 per cent because of overbuilding in the condo market.
“With the Canadian economy set to expand at a moderate pace and mortgage rates expected to remain low, activity levels in 2012 in both new home construction and sales of existing homes will stay close to levels seen in 2011,” said Mathieu Laberge, deputy chief economist.
Also in the forecast: “Housing starts will be in the range of 164,000 to 212,700 units in 2012, with a point forecast of 190,000 units. In 2013, housing starts will be in the range of 168,900 to 219,300 units, with a point forecast of 193,800 units.
Existing home sales will be in the range of 406,000 to 504,500 units in 2012, with a point forecast of 457,300 units. In 2013, MLS sales are expected to move up in the range of 417,600 to 517,400 units, with a point forecast of 468,200 units.
The average MLS price is forecast to be between $330,000 and $410,000 in 2012 and between $335,000 and $430,000 in 2013. CMHC’s point forecast for the average MLS price is $368,900 for 2012 and $379,000 for 2013. The moderate increases in the average MLS price are consistent with the balanced market conditions that occurred in 2011, and that are expected to continue in 2012 and 2013.” Canadian Mortgage Trends

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