Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick Read On Eternal Change

Eternal Change
By Napoleon Hill
Strange also is the fact that only one thing is permanent in this universe—eternal change. Nothing remains exactly the same for even a second. Even the physical body in which we live changes completely with astonishing rapidity.

You can test these statements against your own experience.
When a person is struggling for recognition and to get a few dollars ahead, seldom will he find anyone to give him a needed lift. But once he makes the grade—and no longer needs help—people stand in line to offer him aid.

Through what I call the law of attraction, like attracts like in all circumstances. Success attracts greater success. Failure attracts more failure.
Throughout our lives we are the beneficiaries or victims of a swiftly flowing stream which carries us onward toward either success or failure.
The idea is to get on the “success beam” rather than on the “failure beam.”

How can you do this? Simple. The answer lies in adopting a positive mental attitude that will help you shape the course of your own destiny rather than drifting along at the mercy of life’s adversities.
Source: Miami Daily News, Summer, 1956.

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