Friday, September 2, 2011

Great Read On Fear Thoughts

Here is a great article written for the Napoleon Hill group.

Dear Readers,
Are the fears that are holding you back real or are they figments of your imagination? If you are brutally honest with yourself you will admit that most often the details that you worry about are created in your daydreams. As we "worry" we begin to spin a mental yarn that escalates out of control until we manage to frighten even ourselves. As we storyboard fear, we literally can cause ourselves to be frozen in our tracks.

Sometimes we can even witness family or friends using this tactic on themselves. A story is created and "what ifs" are added and before you know it fear rears its head in monstrous fashion. Literally, a person can arouse fear just by thinking intensely about it. Our minds have great powers and when we use our power of visualization to create what we want to avoid, we actually are allowing those negative mental pictures to come closer and closer to our reality.
When we recognize this negative tendency, can we reverse the downward spiral? Absolutely! Simply catch yourself being negative and say silently or out loud "Stop It!" Then, replace that negative thought with something good that may as easily happen. For example, a person may be fearful about an upcoming meeting or work situation. Instead of envisioning the worst that might happen, shift gears and imagine the best possible outcome and even make a game of it. When you trick yourself into thinking positively you will realize that by thinking negatively you were being the butt of your own joke. Fear causes us to act fearfully, and fearful actions usually produce fearful results.

Just for today give up a negative addiction. Catch yourself being negative in your thought process. Refuse to indulge in fear-based thoughts. Stop negative thoughts before they filter into your reality. Be faithful instead of fearful and you will see a change in not only your worldview but your world in a very short time.
Be Your Very Best Always,
Judy Williamson

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