Friday, August 5, 2011

Comment On This week Ecnonmic Action

We have seen a very up and down week, so say the least. The stock markets are in fear mode, simple as that.There has been a very swift turn to the negative which leads to volatility. We should be use to the turmoil and drama since the fallout in 2008, we are not though. Canada and US banks are in a much better position then the 2008 financial crises. The banks have billions on cash reserves and are much better prepared for any financial difficulties. We are seeing the bond market go even lower and
US debt even carries a negative return as there is that much demand to buy US debt.
This is a sign to me that we are going to continue in a recorded low interest environment for an extended period o f time(as always this can change at any time!). Now is not a time to panic or let fear make your choices. Look at the log term view of your financial goals and make choices that fit within those perimeters.

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