Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fear Over The US Debt and Interest Rates In Canada

There is a lot of articles, media comments and predictions on what is going to happen if the US does not do a deal by Tuesday. I agree that the US debt is a concern for a lot of people and the media is planting fear. The reality is no one knows what is going to happen! In my opinion the fundamentals of Canada are very strong and we have low unemployment which is the key driver of any economy( my opinion). The media will scare you, the stock market will scare you and fear will be everywhere. That is the time to feed courage in your choices on what is best for your family/ position currently financially. Of courses this is all based on no deal which i do not think will happen. Either way, life will continue to go on and Canada will be stronger either direction. We have what the world wants, oil, water, lumber, potash, hockey players.

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