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Budget Summary & The 80/20 Rule

Budget Summary & The 80/20 Rule

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New since the March budget:
— $2.2 billion to Quebec for harmonization of federal and provincial sales taxes;
— Elimination over three years of $2-per vote subsidy to political parties;
Measures announced in March:
Taxes, jobs, and the economy:
— Elimination of tax incentives to oilsands projects to raise $15 million;
— A $450 tax credit for volunteer firefighters;
— Extension of the work-sharing program in areas of Canada hardest hit by recession;
Temporary tax credits to small businesses that hire new employees;
— An additional $300 tax credit to Canadians caring for dependants beginning in 2012;
— Changes to corporate taxes to increase tax revenues by $2.85 billion over the next six years.
For families and homeowners:
— A $400-million, one-year extension of the EcoENERGY Retrofit program;
— Children's Art Tax Credit, up to a maximum of $500 per child.
For seniors:
— Guaranteed income supplement for 680,000 seniors of up to $600 annually for singles and $840 for couples:
— Elimination of mandatory retirement age;
— Additional $10 million over two years to New Horizons for Seniors Program;
— Creation of a retraining program for older workers to transition into new professions.
For students and schools:
— Loan forgiveness for doctors (up to $40,000) and nurses (up to $20,000) serving in rural areas;
— $100 million to establish a Canada Brain Research Fund;
— $20 million over two years to support young entrepreneurs;
— Expansion of Canada Student Loans and Grants and additional $34 million annually once implemented.
For cities:
— $228 million over three years to fund repairs and maintenance to federal bridges in Greater Montreal.
— $148 million over five years to maintain federally-managed bridges, dams and infrastructure across Canada;
— Legislation to ensure $2 billion in annual infrastructure funding from gas tax revenues.
— $150 million for the construction of an all-season road between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk;
— $107 million spread over two to five years for a variety of crime and safety measures.
Safety and security:
-$21 million over five years to upgrade baggage scanning equipment at airports;
-$20 million over two years in youth crime prevention programs;
-$26 million over two years to Federal Victims' Ombudsman.
On the political front:
— Continual six per cent increases in federal health care transfers to provinces;
— $100 million over five years to improve food inspection;
— $27 million over two years to improve weather services;
— Launch a review of aerospace policy and programs;
— $60 million to CBC/Radio-Canada in 2011-12.
Other measures:
— Banning unsolicited credit card cheques
— $5 million each for the 100th anniversary of Grey Cup and the Calgary Stampede
— $24 million over two years to extend hog industry disease control project
— Extension of waiver on firearms registration fees for another year
— New $50 and $100 bills and $1 and $2 coins will be issued later this year.
Budget by the numbers:
— 7: Number of federal budgets Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has delivered;
— $36.2 billion: Federal deficit in 2010-11;
— $32.3 billion: Federal deficit in 2011-12;
— 2014-15: Fiscal year by which the Conservatives promise to deliver a balanced budget;
— 2015-16: Fiscal year by which the government projects a budgetary surplus;
— $4.2 billion: Projected budgetary surplus in fiscal year 2015-16;
— $6.2 billion: Savings over five years, from measures in budget;
— $17.2 billion: Potential savings over five years after a review of federal spending;
— 28,500: Number of projects funded by stimulus program;
— 540,000: Number of jobs created from stimulus program.

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Let Go of 80% of What You Are Doing

Imagine how much less time and money you could spend on marketing if you could simply identify the 20% of your current efforts that are really the only ones that matter. You could let go of 80% of what you're doing.

Here are some places to look:

1. Where are your clients actually coming from? You may think you know the answer to this question, but I find in many cases that people's assumptions don't match the data. Review every client you've worked with in the past two years and try to determine how that client entered your life. Make a list of not just the source of each client, but what you may have done (or made available) to produce clients from that source.

For example, "Referred by Mary Smith. Met her for coffee last month," or "Inquiry from my website. Signed up for my special report two weeks ago." If you can't uncover data like this about every new client, now is the time to start tracking it for the future.

Notice any patterns this analysis suggests, and strategize how you might reproduce these successes. Where could you find more referral sources like Mary Smith? Or what potential referral sources already in your network have you never met for coffee? If most of the new clients originating from your website are those that requested your special report, is that request form available on every page?

2. Where are your highest paying or lowest hassle clients coming from? The quality of your clients can make as much difference to the success of your business as the quantity of them. Select the top 20% of your clients from the list you made above -- either the ones that paid you the most or troubled you the least -- and consider how you might acquire more clients like them.

3. What marketing approaches are costing you more money than they bring in? When you can see exactly where your clients are coming from, you can also determine where you're paying too much to get them. Common places for overspending are print and online directory listings, pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization fees, and multiple association memberships.

4. What are you currently doing that you haven't gotten a single client from? Some marketing techniques take time to pay off, but if you've been using a particular approach for several months and no clients have yet resulted, it's time to reconsider. You probably need to either abandon this approach or fine-tune it.

By making judicious use of the 80/20 rule, you can eliminate the least productive marketing activities you engage in and ramp up those that are more effective. You can also focus most of your marketing on the client sources and type of prospects that have worked well for you in the past. And that can put you in the 20% of entrepreneurs who have a successful business instead of in the 80% who don't. C.J. Hayden Business Coach

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