Monday, November 15, 2010

Life Is Sales

Went to a conference this morning put on by TD and Gary Ford. The title was life is Sales in every way. Was a good 90 minutes with some good nuggets of information. Did not like the title very much. Then i was thinking that it is a very true title. We all in one way or another sell everyday to all people. If it is trying to get your kids to clean their rooms, get your husband to clean out the dishwasher. This is getting someone else to do an act that they are not volunteering for. Is this sales or forcing your will? Well hopefully you are being nice and smiling to get them to do it first.The realty is we are being sold by multiple people throughout the day. We will choose to work with people we like, add value o your lives, and smile. So, next time the garbage cans need to be brought in, try to be nice, ask kindly and smile lots( you are selling).

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