Monday, October 25, 2010

mortgage brokers are not all the same

Dreyer Group Independent Mortgage Brokers

• We are one of the top teams in Canada. Our volume of business enables us to secure the best mortgage rates and products for our clients.

• Our service is free in 99% of the cases. We get paid by the lender we place the mortgage with based on the size not the rate – so getting the best rate and mortgage for our clients is top priority.

• Unlike bank reps, we shop mortgages to many of the trusted lenders, banks and credit unions you are familiar with. Over 50 in total across Canada. Plus we have access to specialty mortgage products that are only available through the mortgage broker channel.
• And, we will continue to shop your mortgage rate up until 10 days of the mortgage. If rates go down, you win!

• We have numerous mortgage strategies to ensure you are making the best financing decision – such as the Inflation Hedge Strategy.

• Our company is part of the South Surrey Chamber of Commerce, Vancouver Board of Trade, Mortgage Brokers Association of BC and Canadian Association of Mortgage Professionals.

• Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients based on solid advice, trust and exceptional service. We take care of you long after your mortgage funds.

• Too, we are committed to the community and you will be happy to know that a portion of every mortgage we fund goes directly to children’s shelters in the Lower Mainland. In addition, we are large supporters of local businesses and our extensive referral program enables us to send clients and partners to this network to help them build their businesses.

• And referrals really are how we do our business. By providing you with the best service, advice and mortgage products, we hope in turn you will continue to refer us your friends, family and coworkers. This will help us to continue to have large volumes to source the best mortgages at the lowest rates. And… we will reward you for sending us a referral.

Do we sound like a company you would like to do business with?

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