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Good Afternoon,

Business as usual is a tough proposition in the summer months. The big challenge of course is how to stay motivated during a time that is traditionally slower and the weather is constantly calling you outside?
Below are 12 ways I use to stay focused on my business while still enjoying the sunshine.
o Put together a list of 5 initiatives you want to get done between July and September. Ones that particularity have been on the back burner such as implementing a new marketing program or fun stuff like cleaning out your database.
o Read a motivational book such as Kickstart my Motivation…. No, not “Kickstart my Heart”… a great song in it’s own right which can certainly get you dancing!
o Create or recreate a compelling vision for your business in the future. Have your goals changed? List the new items you need to focus on to achieve your goals and put together a plan. I find summer is the best time for planning, especially somewhere inspirational like the beach…. with your new iPad (which we happen to be running a contest running!)
o Get out of the office more. Use the summer months to do more marketing face-to-face. Partner lunches, out of office meetings, golf anyone?
o Create a summer schedule and do your best ot stick to it. I prefer to change to an earlier day. Get in early and get out early.
o Be patient with yourself. Some days you will be more motivated than others. When possible, do more. When you can't, do less, or do something different. As long as you are doing activities that support your business and not surfing Facebook – unless of course you are updating your company Facebook and then that’s fine. Oh, you can catch up with Dreyer Group Facebook by clicking here
o Team up. If you are able to find a “buddy” or someone who can support you it can be inspiring to work together.
o I like to do different things in my business in the summer months like reading my own marketing materials. I know it sounds very exciting but this gives me a chance to relax and reflect on whether my brand is moving in the right direction.
o If you don’t already have one, commit to finding yourself a mentor this summer. If you have a mentor, plan a day away together to discuss business goals and challenges in a relaxed environment. Plus it can be write off!
o Enthusiasm is infectious. If I am having a hard time getting going I will pick up the phone and call people I know who are highly motivated and enthusiastic about their business.
o When the sunshine threatens to quash your motivation, remind yourself why you are taking this particular action. Take the activity head on, get it done and get on your patio faster!
o Keep lots of fresh fruit on hand in your office. I also like to drink Vega Sport Plant Protein, an all-natural plant drink amazing for energy, clarity and overall well-being. A glass of this in the afternoon and I am ready to keep going.

Summer can be the best time to get your business set up for its next phase. I always find that my Fall success is based on my summer set up.
Wishing you a relaxing and productive summer!

Jared Dreyer, AMP
604 649-5991

A suite built above the garage of a South Surrey home.

Surrey Votes to Allow Secondary Suites City-wide

After decades of debate, Surrey has decided to permit homeowners to have one secondary suite in all single-family homes in the city, following an Ipsos Reid telephone poll in which 63 per cent of those surveyed supported the idea.

The move, which received unanimous approval at city council Monday night, brings Surrey’s secondary suite policy into line with that of most municipalities in Metro Vancouver. Delta is expected to go ahead with a similar policy.

Up until now, Surrey has allowed secondary suites only in predetermined zones in the city, mostly in Newton. Yet the city has its share of illegal suites, which are estimated to number as high as 19,000.

Surrey Coun. Judy Villeneuve, who chairs the city’s social planning committee, said the illegal suites have provided affordable housing in the city, as well as mortgage help for new homeowners.

Legalizing the suites, she said, will allow homeowners to offer accommodation to extended families or renters, while ensuring they provide parking spaces and pay their fair share for utilities and taxes.

Homes with secondary suites result in added costs to the city’s water, sewer, and garbage services.

“Hardly any rental housing has been built in Surrey in the past 15 years,” Villeneuve said. “Our goal is to is to provide lots of [different] housing so everyone can live … and have a roof over their heads.”

According to the Ipsos Reid poll, 63 per cent of 1,200 people polled in a random telephone survey said they would support the move, mainly because it would provide more rental housing, make home ownership more affordable and increase density in neighbourhoods without changing the area’s character.

But support varied according to location, with 65 per cent in favour in the Newton/Fleetwood area compared with just 57 per cent in south Surrey.

The main reasons for opposing the move are related to parking issues, general congestion/crowding, traffic congestion and concerns about equitable payment of property taxes and utility charges.

City staff recommended that council endorse the policy subject to conditions, which included prohibiting multiple suites in a house, requiring the registered owner of a home with a secondary suite to live on the premises and requiring homes to provide parking and pay appropriate utility fees to offset the added costs of city services.

The random telephone survey, conducted between June 28 and July 6, has a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points. A web-based survey, which polled more than 1,500 people on the city’s website from June 28 to July 1, found levels of support were lower, with 55 per cent in favour.

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